Why we are different


With rising healthcare costs and co-pays, we know you expect excellent service and quality care for your hard-earned money. We strive to provide high quality, patient focused, one-on-one care by a licensed physical therapist during your 45 min treatment visit.


We believe physical therapy should include a hands-on, manual therapy approach in combination with exercise and education to treat not just the area of pain or dysfunction, but find the source of the problem. By looking at the body as a whole and how it all works together, we can identify the problem and treat the source to eliminate the dysfunction (weakness, lack of motion, pain, balance difficulties, etc).


Many of our patients have been to physical therapy before but find our approach to be different. Patients find our method to be comprehensive and multifocal and our care to be compassionate. We listen to our patients, giving them our full attention so we can determine the root of the problem and then correct it. The treatment techniques we use are gentle yet effective.


Your care will be individualized, not a cookie cutter approach, and very specific to your symptoms and impairments. Your exercise program will be developed by your physical therapist and they will guide and teach you, one-on-one, ways to strengthen and re-educate your joints and muscles to improve your function. Most of the exercises will be ones you can follow through with at home. The physical therapist will also progress your program as you are able.

I encourage you to check out our testimonials and stop by the clinic to talk with one of our therapists to find out for yourself what makes Thrive Integrative Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab different.